The Department of Public Information will be organizing two Model UN Workshops.

Dear NGO Colleagues,

Please Save the date! Schedule of Model UN Workshops in 2013

The Department of Public Information will be organizing two Model UN Workshops. The first one will take place at the UNIS Vienna from 8-11 July for MUN programmes in Europe and the second will take place at UN Headquarters in New York from 26-29 August for any MUN programme around the world.

The goal of both workshops is the same: to provide student leaders who are actively involved in organizing Model UN programmes at the university level with a deeper understanding of how the General Assembly and Security Council operates. During the MUN Workshop participants will hear firsthand from senior UN officials about the work they do.

The workshop will focus on giving MUN organizers a basic understanding of the General Assembly’s Rules and Procedures, the discussion and action phases of General Assembly Committee meetings, what you need to know when drafting resolutions, the duties and responsibilities of the UN Secretariat and General Assembly officials, how they work together, the Rules of Procedure of the Security Council and more. It is our hope that the Workshop will become an important tool in helping Model UN simulations capture the negotiation process as it occurs at the UN in a more accurate manner.

Eligibility requirements for students

The following are eligible to apply for the 2013 Model UN Workshop at UN Headquarters in New York:
• Students who are currently organizing a Model UN conference at the university level;
• Students who have been selected to organize a Model UN conference during the 2013-2014 academic term;
• Students who have had a leadership position in other Model UN conferences at the university level (for example, as Secretary-General, Under-Secretary-General, President of the General Assembly, President of the Security Council, member of a Committee Bureau which includes the Committee Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary or Rapporteur) and hope to help organize a Model UN conference in the future.
• Students must be fluent in English.
• Students must provide proof that they were enrolled in a university during the academic year from 2012-2013.

Eligibility requirements for faculty advisors

Faculty applicants must be currently advising a Model UN Programme that is organized for university students.

Call for Applications to be launched soon

The call for applications will be launched soon on our website: In the meantime, we would appreciate it if you could spread the word to organizations in your region that might be interested in attending either one of these workshops to save the date. For further information please contact Nathalie Leroy, Chief, Education Outreach, DPI ([email protected]) or Bill Yotive, Manager of the Global Teaching and Learning Project, Education Outreach, DPI ([email protected]).

Thank you for your assistance in making the 2013 MUN Workshop a success!

Yours Sincerely,

NGO Relations, DPI
United Nations

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