Women and the Web: Why Internet Access Matters

Provided by Allison Morris (Original Article)

In a majority of western countries, women have a huge web presence, using it, on average, 17% more than men. In western Europe and most of North America, women tend to use social media more, they tend to shop online more, and most of them simply make up more website traffic than men. But in developing nations, with prohibited freedom, lower literacy rates, and lack of technological knowledge, many women are missing out on the Internet. In developing nations, while both genders tend to have more limited Internet connectivity than those in the west, there are still some very surprising discrepancies in how much more often men are able to access the web. In fact, in some extreme cases, as many as 70% of a nation’s men have accessed the web before, compared to just 14% of women. But when women are able to gain access to the Internet, they begin to do powerful things with it. Among women in developing nations, many of those who have been able to access the web have used it to find work, do research, and otherwise seek an additional income source for their families. The following infographic examines how now, more than ever, women in developing nations need the web.


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