Dr. Habib Chamoun Nicolas, president of PIRC proposes to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to become a sister City of the Port of Cadiz

Dr. Habib Chamoun Nicolas, president of PIRC (Phoenician International Research Center) proposes to Puerto Vallarta Mexico Ambassadors to become a sister City of the Phoenician Port of Cadiz, Spain

On a mission to entertain the idea and to propose the ports of Vallarta Mexico and Cadiz Spain as sister cities, Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, President of Phoenician International Research Center (PIRC)  in North Carolina arrived to Puerto Vallarta to participate in the Festival of the Sister Cities to Puerto Vallarta held the weekend of November 17th.   Dr. Chamoun was welcome by the Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities International Association President Antonio Lugo Morales to the event.

Dr. Chamoun-Nicolas presented a Sister Cities project between the two destinations. It should be noted that Dr. Habib Chamoun-Nicolas is passionate since childhood of both ports Vallarta and Cadiz, both the charms of Puerto Vallarta as Cadiz, as both cities are rich in culture, in its rich language and represent places with job opportunities for many people, and have the mystique of being founded as ports for trade into their territories respectively.

Dr. Chamoun proposes to bring Phoenician traveling exhibition from CADIZ to Vallarta

The Phoenicians, those great sailors and merchants of the Mediterranean, could also become ambassadors of Puerto Vallarta to materialize the proposal presented here by business consultant and expert Dr. Habib Chamoun, while a sisterhood between the ports of Vallarta in Mexico and Cádiz in Spain is very feasible a more challenging idea is to organize the exhibition “Valentin, the Phoenician traveler.  The return of a legend; Rediscovering America from Cadiz to Puerto Vallarta.”  This project will position globally the two ports affirms Dr. Chamoun-Nicolas.


Dr. Chamoun has presented this PIRC project to 18 Ambassadors from different countries to Mexico such as Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Cypress, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, among others.   The Ambassadors are excited and willing to help welcome into Mexico such an exhibition.   See picture of Dr. Chamoun with ambassadors from Cypress, Italy, Portugal, Egypt and Morocco who welcome very much this initiative at the 1st Festival of Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities.

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