A fantastic but misleading identity

(In)Tolerance tackles the layered identity of the Lebanese society

Nicolas Lupo , September 24, 2012

The fable of the scorpion and the frog tells of how the scorpion riding on the frog’s back to cross the river ends up stinging the frog and dooming them both to death. When asked why, the scorpion replies that it’s in his nature to do so.

Similarly, Ghassan Ghazal’s (In)Tolerance exhibition deals with issues of identity as they’re determined by our surroundings.

As you step into the Janine Rubeiz Gallery located in the Raouche neighborhood of Beirut, you are greeted by a meter-high plastic bullet sculpture filled with holes — as if it were Gruyère cheese. The bullet, designed to kill, is riddled with holes, as if it is meant to kill itself too.  

Titled “Dead Bullet,” the sculpture is one of the works on display that are meant to show how identity is determined by the presence of the objects that shape our environment.

Ghazal’s draw of inspiration is mainly related to war and conflict. A world of http://nowlebanon.com/NewsArchiveDetails.aspx?ID=439751#ixzz2DUqSm2Zt 
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