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Lebanese Maronite Mission in Brazil 

Help to unify the Lebanese family
Serving all Lebanese descendants in Latin America and worldwide.

  • Interested in knowing something about the origin of his family in Lebanon?
  • Not sure how to find your own family in Lebanon?
  • Not sure how to contact people in Lebanon?
  • Do not know how to travel to Lebanon or where to stay?
  • Do not know anyone in Lebanon and want to visit the country of the cedars?
  • Want to know the real name of a town in Lebanon?
  • Want to know if you can get Lebanese citizenship?
  • Want to translate the letters from the Lebanon?
  • Want to know something about the Eastern Churches?

It is very possible that we can help you in all this.

Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal. 

You can communicate en Portuguese, French, English, Spanish or Arabic via our website:


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