Presenting PIRC plaque
Dr. Chamoun and Dr. Carlos González Wagner

MADRID, SPAIN.  July 20, 2012.  Dr. Habib Chamoun, President of the Phoenician International Research Center Inc. (PIRC) of Chapel Hill, NC, USA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation with Dr. Carlos González Wagner of el Centro de Estudios Fenicios y Púnicos (CEFYP) de la Universidad Complutense (Center for Phoenician and Punic Studies at Complutense University) de Madrid, Spain.

The agreement aims to establish and mutually support cooperation between the two centers and emphasizes the development of collaborative on educational projects.  Both institutions will encourage direct contact between their faculty members and other research centers to include faculty, administrative and professional staff internships exchanges for teaching and research.  Further, it promotes joint sponsorship of courses, study tours, conferences and seminars.  Further, it promotes applications for funding, educational and scientific cooperation.  

Others present during the signing ceremony were: Dr. Angel Paredes Algarra, President of the CEU Business School, Faculty Chaplain, Reverend P. Enrique Martin Baena, in addition to Mr. Antoine Menassa representing the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) with which PIRC is affiliated.

PIRC, established in July 2009, has been working on establishing relations with CEFYP to promote mutual cooperation between the two centers.  However, this did not come to pass until Dr. Chamoun, who was on an MBA Phoenician related academic trip to Cadiz, established contact with Dr. Wagner and had the agreement drawn up and signed by the two centers.

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