Photo: Soraya Umewaka

The President of Ghana in a private visit to Lebanon

The President of Ghana Mr Jerry John Rowlings, visited Lebanon on the 29th of June 2012 to participate in the engagement celebration of Miss Ramona Rammal, the Daughter of Mr Chakib Rammal* – Presidential Advisor for the affairs of Arabic Countries in Ghana.


29 June 2012: The Ghanaian President was greeted at the Beirut Airport before going with Mr Jaber Yassine, Member of parliament, to visit, the speaker of the Lebanese parliament, Mr Nabih Berry.

30 June 2012: Mr Chakib Rammal prepared and shared with The Ghanaian President a visit to President Mr Michel Sleiman, President Najib Mikati, and President Fouad Sinyoura.

Later in the day, President Rowlings attended the celebration of the engagement at the restaurant “Zabad – Zeitouni Bay”.

1 July 2012: The Ghanaian President had a visit to down town of Beirut as well as a different part of the Lebanese mountain. In the evening he was invited by Mr Rammal to “Babel” restaurant with friends and acquaintances.

 2 July 2012: The Ghanaian President visited the tomb of the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri to deposit flowers where he was welcomed by Mr Jarrah, a member of parliament. Then he went to the Headquarter of the Kataeb party and met with president Amine Gemayel, and his political bureau, he was accompanied by Mr Rammal, Riad Hazifeh, Rabah jabber and Dr Elie Nawfal.

rolings & rammal at beit al sayfe

Mr Rammal invited the President for lunch at the Mehanna restaurant in Antelias, and he drove him to visit the sanctuary of St Charbel, where he prayed, bought some souvenirs and enjoyed the scenery.

3 July 2012: President JJ Rowlings left to Dubai thanking his advisor for the hospitality and honor, pleased by the great occasion that allowed him to visit Lebanon.

Mr Rammal declared that what we did was a sign of appreciation to the President and the Ghanaian people.

*Mr Rammal is the Presidential Advisor for the affairs of Arabic Countries in Ghana. He runs the affairs of the WLCU in Ghana and was the President of the Board of trustees from Oct 2009-Mar 2012.

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