A delegation from the Lebanese cultural University in the world visited the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Saint Nasr Allah Boutros Sfeir

A delegation from the Lebanese cultural University of the world visited the Maronite patriarch, Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, this afternoon in Bkerki; The delegation included World Vice President Chakib Rimal, honorary dean of the university, Eid al-Shdrawi, Chairperson of the Committee, Women of Lebanese descent Haifa Alshdrawi, member Senate Tony Severe, Speaker of the National Council of Accra Bakry Moas, head of Lebanon office Tony Saints and members: Hanna Choueiri, Mohamed Mouas and Ahmed Moas.

The delegation conveyed to the Maronite Patriarch congratulations on the holidays from the world President of the university Eli Governor and the Children of the Community, and briefed him on “the activities of the university abroad”. He noted “the positions of his national delight”.

Al-Shdrawi said he wished the patriarch “to join His Excellency the President of the Republic in working to unite Lebanese alienation.”

“He informed the patriarch about what the university is doing in the countries of proliferation to communicate between Lebanon and the motherland of Lebanon, and urged the people of the community in various countries to cling to the roots of their homeland,” he said.

Patriarch Sfeir praised the “role and activities of the University”, stressing “the importance of unity and solidarity among the people of the same nation”.

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