Letter from Mr. Henri Zoghaib to past WSG Dr. Nick kahwaji

(Translated to English by Charbell Letèf – WLCU BC Council Co-Founder)

Dear Dr. Nicholas Kahwaji

It gives me great pleasure to read your words from the recent interview you held with the representatives of the Balad newspaper.  I am indeed overjoyed to learn of your ever-growing ardent love for our dearest Lebanon and how such energy has assisted you over the years to improve the image of the WLCU while tending to the success of your dentistry profession and to your constant support of your chosen overseas community. 

Ever since you took over the World Secretary General (WSG) role at WLCU, you have relentlessly worked to elevate it to its well-deserved higher platform to the extent that it now reflects the true Lebanese spirit and the true image of genuine Lebanese emigrants who have carried the Lebanese missionary identity throughout the world.  You have indeed extolled the realm of this organization to parallel the aspirations and ambitions of our fellow Lebanese.

How noble of you to share with us your Lebanese nostalgia that continues to lit your Lebanese flame and to regenerate more than ever the faith in our beloved country. That great faith, my dearest Nicholas, is indeed what we have and what we always need to connect the Lebanese generations, wherever they are throughout this world, to our motherland.

It is because of such faith in one’s country that we the Lebanese ought not to label our international chosen communities as Lebanese Diaspora for such a word implies that the Lebanese people are peoples of no land and are therefore in constant search of their nation.  However for the Lebanese, no such search is required. Lebanon existed and will always exist for its peoples.  It is the nation of all Lebanese and Lebanese descendants who have neither forgotten the land of their ancestors nor the contribution of its privileged citizens to the world. 

We honourably value your patriotic love and wholeheartedly admire every word you have articulated in that interview. 

I wish to also thank you for your courteous hospitality during my visit to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and equally for the current and future results of the hard work you have led and achieved in your community. Since you assumed the WGS role, you have generously shared your endowments towards the Lebanese cause. And you continue to do this demanding task with much diligence that is fuelled with zealous patriotic love.

Your relentless efforts in promoting our rich culture and our Lebanese heritage through the various venues of WLCU and in your community affirm that Lebanon is beyond any borders or demographic subtleties and that it is more than just a country. It is the nation of great Lebanese emissaries and visionaries who enduringly seek excellence with a Lebanese spirit.

With cordial regards I greet you, your loving family and the faithful Lebanese like you who perpetually nourish the vein that keeps the motherland Lebanon alive in their hearts and in the hearts of their future Lebanese generations wherever they may be in this world. 


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