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Sunday, 29 January 2006



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Consejo Nacional J.U.C.A.L

Karim Charbel Mussi Saffie

Presidente                                                                                                                                          January 29th – 2006


Dear friends


It is my pride to address your National Youth Council reunion. I am not writing to you today to just give you another speech. I am planning to start implementing one of the three projects that I promised to sponsor. As you might remember, I recommended three Projects at our meeting with your Congress in October 2005:

1- An internet contest.

2- A trip to western United States and Canada.

3- Providing the youth with folkloric materials that is in conformity with the Lebanese culture and heritage.

Let us start achieving one of the three projects and I will need your help. The contest is a competition among all the Lebanese youth around the world via the internet. The youth will be asked to write a thesis about their Lebanese identity , what makes them proud of their heritage and what makes them attached to their roots. It shall be conducted in six languages and sponsored by WLCU officials, Lebanese individuals and businesses, as monetary prizes will be distributed to the winners and their clubs. 

This project will be co-sponsored by the World Council of Youth headed by Sr  Hector Chamlati from Mexico and WLCU Committee of Culture and Heritage headed by Mr Antoine Ghanem from Brisbane, Australia.

My dear friends, your are an exemplar to our Lebanese youth worldwide. You are a model that is worth imitating. It was an exciting experience meeting with your Congress (JUCAL of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile …) last October in Buenos Aires. It is your duty to continue the noble mission you are committed to, as it is our duty to support and guide such a mission.

Finally, I want to thank Sr Karim Saffie for his initiative and his efforts, as well as expressing my warmest approval and recognition of Sr Maron Curi, whom we consider the unknown soldier behind our great accomplishments in Argentina.  

Anise Garabet

WLCU World President


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