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Monday, 18 September 2006




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July 25th 2006

In reaction to the latest tragic developments in Lebanon and after excessive consultations with members of the World Council, the World Lebanese Cultural Union is adopting the following position:


1.      We denounce the violations against Lebanon’s sovereignty by all parties involved in the fighting on its soil. Lebanon remains the proxy battlefield of Iran, Syria and Israel while its people are bearing the brunt with their suffering.


2.      We denounce the role of Iran and Syria in dictating the war and peace decisions in Lebanon.


3.      We demand an immediate halt to the Israeli shelling on civilian targets and the infrastructure of the country.


4.      We call for a  lasting cease-fire that should produce a permanent peace rather than a temporary remedy as we support reinforcing the UN forces with NATO troops to impose a temporary stability, simultaneous with the deployment of Lebanese troops into southern Lebanon .


5.      We demand the immediate and full enforcement of the UNSC Resolution 1559 calling for the disarmament of all armed groups, namely Hizbollah and the Palestinians, and the deployment of the Lebanese army to assert its role all over the Lebanese territory.


6.      We support the Lebanese Government in its political, economical and humanitarian efforts to cope with the current situation.


7.      As supplies of medicine are tight at many hospitals and fuel is slowly running out, we call for immediate humanitarian relief efforts for the displaced and the refugees in temporary shelters.


8.      We stress on retracing the borders between Lebanon and Syria and to reach a United Nations sponsored solution for Chebaa farms.


9.      We reiterate our demand to release the Lebanese detainees in Syrian and Israeli jails.


10.  We stress on the need to revert to the 1949 Armistice Agreement.


We Consider the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers and the timing of such an operation as part of an Iranian agenda to divert the world attention from its nuclear program while galvanizing the cause of radical Islamism in the entire region, and a Syrian attempt to derail the National Dialogue, the International Tribunal and the  investigations related to  the assassination of the late Prime Minister Hariri, and a message from the Assad regime who promised to destroy Lebanon if his troops withdraw from the country.

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