2006-11-22-PR about Min Pierre Gemayel Assassination-Eng

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Los Angeles November 21st 2006

The World Lebanese Cultural Union denounces the terrorist crime that has targeted the martyr Min. Pierre Gemayel. The WLCU, as well as the World of Lebanese emigration are deeply saddened by this tragedy. We offer the warmest condolences to the Gemayel family who has a long history of sacrifices towards Lebanon and its noble causes.


The assassination of Min. Gemayel aims to assassinate the “international tribunal” and start an internal strife. It also aims to assassinate the Lebanese Government and the civil society, rather the assassination of Lebanon as a nation.

As we point the fingers to the criminals, the rulers of Syria and their agents and those who stand behind them and before them, we demand :


1- An investigation to determine the criminals, the collaborators and the accomplice in this horrible crime and impose the appropriate punishment on them.

2- The acceleration of the international tribunal to resolve all crimes including this crime.

3- The full support for the Lebanese Government to be able to confront the conspiracy that is still taking place.

4- A call to the President of the Republic to assume full responsibility by resigning as soon as possible to allow the establishment of a free, sovereign and independent nation.

5- Restructuring the nation’s security agencies and freeing them from all foreign elements.

6- An appeal to all officials whether Ministers, Members of Parliament and political leaders, regardless on which side they belong, to assume the responsibility for all conspiracies surrounding Lebanon of which no one is immune.

7- An appeal to the Lebanese people to be alert and united to confront the common dangers and the common destiny.


Finally, the World Lebanese Cultural Union dedicates all its emigration resources at the service of Lebanon, its Government and its people. What has happened today won’t slow us down, rather it will increase our determination to defend Lebanon as we pledge to God and the Nation that the blood of the Martyr Pierre Gemayel and all the victims before him will never go in vain.


Anise Garabet                                                                                      Georges Abi Raad

World President                                                                              World Secretary General


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