WSG Letter to Jucal meeting in Argentina

Friday, 10 February 2006

Paris on February 10th 2006



Dear  JUCAL President Mr  Karim MUSSI SAFFIE

Dear JUCAL team,



I appreciate your style of work threw your meetings for brain storming and for discussing future projects.


I will never forget your congress which I attended last October where I saw the fruit of your work and I was very impressed.


Today I encourage you to keep working together with the same enthusiasm.


I promised you last October that I will send for you documents and multimedia materials to help you promoting the Lebanese Culture and heritage. A way to make stronger the link between you, your members and your Lebanese roots.

I just received this material from the Lebanese ministry of tourism. That is why, unfortunately, you will not receive them before your meeting.

I will coordinate with Karim to see how to send them to all of you.


On the other hand I would like to ask you to work on the mediatisation of your events, a way to show to all the Lebanese abroad this real Diaspora work of the WLCU.


Today, while you are meeting, our web site team is finalizing and putting online the WLCU main web site which is

This team was able to write in English, French and Arabic.

It is very important and useful to add a Spanish page.  That’s why I ask you today to add a small workshop to your meeting and study this matter and give me who is ready to help us achieving this mission. I know you have already local pages talking about your activities. But we must have a world spinach page which much contains a translation of the main Press releases and  events of the WLCU and of course links to your local pages already existing.


Finally, I would like to express my gladness for the future of the WLCU thanks to officers like you.

I congratulate Karim and all the team for all these activities.


Long life to JUCAL,

Long life to the WLCU

Long life to Lebanon


Georges Abi Raad

WLCU World Secretary General


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