A newly discovered place in Mercury was named Gibran A newly discovered place in Mercury was named Gibran

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Active ImageThe World Federation of “Gibran studies” declared that an unprecedented scientific breakthrough ‎has been achieved by the Lebanese astronomical scientist, Dr. Nelly Mouawad at the University ‎of Maryland.‎

On July 9 the “International Union for Astronomy” approved in a formal meeting, to label a new ‎place on the planet Mercury, with a radius of 100 km, the name of Gebran Khalil Gebran.‎

Dr. Nelly Mouawad completed high school at the “Sagesse Institute” in Beirut, and joined the ‎University of Cologne in Germany to obtain a doctorate in astronomy. She is currently a ‎researcher with the Department of Astronomy at the University of Maryland, and operates in ‎coordination with the Gibran Academy at the same university.‎

The core of Moawad studies is the configuration of the interior of the planet Mercury using ‎information from Earth, and others from the “MESSENGER” team, specialists on the planet ‎Mercury , thanks to which Many picture of Mercury where seen on Earth. This led to the ‎discovery of new areas previously unkown. Usually such areas are not labeled unless scientists ‎are sure that they are of the utmost importance, scientifically and astronomically, to the planet.‎

Dr. Moawad suggested during a special science meeting to name  one of these newly discovered ‎areas “Gibran”, and she gathered information and documents to support her proposal and ‎submitted them to the labels committee that in return submitted them to the International Union ‎for Astronomy. The proposal was accepted in their last meeting on July 9.‎
The name of Amin Rihani is also proposed, and waits for the completion of the documentation to ‎be labeled. Earlier, The Committee agreed to designate some areas of Mercury by different ‎names such as “Amroo el Kais”, “Aljahez”  “Alkhtal”, and “Abou Nawas”.‎

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