Tauany Abou Rejaili was elected as Miss Lebanon Overseas 2010 – 13 July 2010 – En

Monday, 19 July 2010

The International Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants’ Committee concluded its activities ‎for the year 2010 with the election of Miss Lebanon Overseas which was done under the ‎patronage and the licensing of the Lebanese Tourism Ministry and the participation of the ‎World Lebanese Cultural Union on the 13th of July 2010 in Hotel “Le Royal” Dbayeh ‎Lebanon.‎

Several Lebanese Emigrant’s delegations from all over the world attended this ceremony ‎in addition and was attended by the director of military intelligence Brigadier General ‎Edmond Fadel, Mr. Youssef Chahine representing the Minister of Youth and Sports Ali ‎Hussein Abdallah, Mr. Youssef Howayek representing the Minister of Labor Boutors ‎Harb, Colonel Nabil Kiwan representing the General Director of the Internal Security ‎Forces General Ashraf Rifi, the World President of the World Lebanese Cultural Union ‎Eid Chedrawi, the director of the National News Agency Laure Sleiman Saab, Roula ‎Zeidan the media director of the Minister of Economy and Trade, Bishop of the Maronite ‎in Mexico George Abi Younes, Paul Fayyad representing the President Amine Gemayel, ‎the Ambassador of Spain in Lebanon Juan Carlos Gaffo, Ambassador of Uruguay in ‎Lebanon Jorge Luis Khoury, Ambassador of Argentina in Lebanon Jose Maxwell, ‎Advisor to the Brazilian Embassy in Lebanon Roberto Gabriel Medeiros, Ambassador of ‎Chile in Lebanon Pedro Barzo Urzua, Ambassador of Belgium in Lebanon Johan ‎Verkammen, Nathalie Raad representative of the Ambassador of Paraguay in Lebanon ‎Fernando Parisi, Jorge Baker representing the Mexican ambassador in Lebanon Jorge ‎Alvarez Fuentes, James Batley representing Australian Ambassador in Lebanon Dean ‎Dunn, Consul of Costa Rica in Lebanon Riad Abdel Baki, the owner of Hotel Chain “Le ‎Royal” Nazme Auchi, the jury, judicial, security and social personalities.‎

‎21 girls from Lebanese origin participated in the election of Miss Lebanon Overseas. ‎They came to Lebanon from different Diaspora countries especially to participate in this ‎election. Miss Lebanon Brazil Tauany Abou Rejaili from Kafarzabad – Bekaa won the ‎title of MLO 2010. Miss Abou Rejaili was elected among several contestants as Miss ‎Lebanon in Brazil 2010 during a ceremony organized by the “World Committee for ‎Ladies of Lebanese descent” in the World Lebanese Cultural Union, under the ‎chairmanship of Mrs. Marie-Jeanne Samaha Khattar.‎

Miss Lebanon Mexico Grace Bejjani was elected as the first runner-up, and Miss ‎Lebanon Belgium Sarah Lama Karim as the second runner-up.‎
Also, Miss Lebanon France Hiba Nassif Hitti won the title of “Miss Costume”, and ‎Rayane Rizk from Hauts-de-Seine – Paris won the title of “Miss Photogenic”‎

The jury was formed by: the representative of the Lebanese Tourism Ministry Jean-‎Claude Nassar, the Director of Exhibition in the Ministry of Culture Dima Raad, Dr. Ziad ‎Njeim Lecturer in surgery and diseases of the mouth and head of research at the Faculty ‎of Dentist at the Lebanese University and licensed in medicine to fight aging from the ‎Faculty of Medicine at the University of Paris, Dr. Karim Korbani (plastic surgeon ‎dentist), Dr. Ashraf Hamdan (plastic surgeon), The representative of International ‎Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants Marina Hajj, the Lebanese hairdresser Dani Azzam, ‎General Manager of “Plus Que Parfait” Cosette Amar, the Editor of “Signé”  magazine ‎journalist Matilda Farjallah.‎

During the ceremony, the contestants presented a show wearing the Lebanese Army suit ‎which was very successful and enthusiastic to the audience.‎

The Lebanese Singer Nicolas El Osta was present in this ceremony and performed his ‎songs.   
The International Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants’ Committee Fadi Bou Dagher ‎thanked everyone for attending this ceremony and also thanked the World Lebanese ‎Cultural Union, headed by Mr. Chedrawi for the participation and contribution in the ‎success of this event.‎

During the ceremony, Mr. Bou Dagher honored the owner of hotel “Le Royal” Mr. ‎Nazme Auchi, the emigrants Freddie Nehme and Antoune Nehme who attended with the ‎Mexican Delegation.  ‎

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