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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The International Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants’ Committee held on 19 August ‎‎2010, a press conference at the Press Club – Furn El Chebbak. This Conference was held ‎on the occasion of the festival closure for the year 2010, and to meet with Miss Lebanon ‎Overseas Tauany Abou Rejaili who was elected on 13 July 2010 in Hotel “Le Royal” – ‎Dbayeh, before she travels to Brazil.‎

The Chairman of the International Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants’ Committee Fadi ‎Bou Dagher attended the conference in addition to the Lebanon Office’s president of the ‎World Lebanese Cultural Union Toni Kaddissi, President of the public relations ‎department in the IFLE Marina Hajj, Miss Lebanon Overseas Tauany Abou Rejaili (Miss ‎Lebanon in Brazil), the runners-up and their families.‎

The President of the Press Club Mr. Youssef Howayek started the conference by a ‎welcoming speech, and pointed out that the Press Club “is not only a forum for political ‎seminars and meetings but also it is a forum to meet with beauty queens and emigrants as ‎well.‎

Then Mr. Fadi Bou Dagher said,: ” The International Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants’ ‎Committee thanks the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Sleiman, and ‎the Ministries of Tourism, Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Culture, the media, the ‎embassies, the ministers, the deputies, the judges, the religious, the army command, the ‎general managers, the security services, the Maronite Foundation, the World Lebanese ‎Cultural Union, the companies and private institutions who took part in the success of the ‎International Festival of the Lebanese Emigrants for the year 2010, which was concluded ‎by the ceremony of electing Miss Lebanon Overseas Tauany Abou Rejaili (Lebanese ‎origin from Kafarzabad-Bekaa). The committee announces the launching of its new ‎activity “The Global Lebanese Network” in seven languages at the following address: ‎‎
Mr. Kaddissi was asked whether the World Lebanese Cultural Union urges the Lebanese ‎in the Diaspora countries to issue their Lebanese identity, he replied: “We worked a lot ‎and sought with the authorities in Lebanon to issue a law giving the citizenship to the ‎Lebanese descendants. But we are also working with the Maronite Foundation to urge the ‎Lebanese emigrant to obtain the Lebanese nationality, but first they must register through ‎the chapters of the WLCU, so we can give the identity to the largest number of the ‎Lebanese emigrants in the Diaspora countries”.

He added: “The WLCU chapters in the world search for the Lebanese in the Diaspora and ‎take the necessary documents from them, and we also have a website where they can ‎enter and fill out the application, and then take it to the consulate to get the Lebanese ‎identity.”‎

Mr. Bou Dagher was also asked: What are the tasks of Miss Lebanon Overseas?  
He Replied: “Miss Lebanon Overseas has to work on the communication between the ‎Lebanese abroad and Lebanese residents. The influx of candidates from all over the ‎world, in the collaboration with the World Lebanese Cultural Union to participate in the ‎election, is the first step because the Misses visit Lebanon for the first time. And, the ‎Miss will carry this project to enable the communication between the resident and ‎expatriate Lebanon”.‎

And then, Miss Lebanon Overseas was asked the below questions: ‎

Do you want to learn Arabic? ‎
She replied: “After I got this title, my first objective is to learn Arabic.” ‎

What is your plan for this year? ‎
She replied: “Since the largest number of Lebanese exists in Brazil, I will try to visit‏ ‏the ‎states there, the clubs and associations to talk about the beauty of Lebanon and the culture ‎that is found in every Lebanese, and to urge the Lebanese in Brazil to maintain this ‎culture, and the Lebanese Emigrant to visit his home country Lebanon.”‎

What is your experience during your presence in Lebanon? ‎
She replied: “I was very impressed with the beautiful nature and with the openness of the ‎Lebanese people to the various cultures of the world and I will pass on this image to the ‎Lebanese in Brazil and will urge them to visit Lebanon.” ‎

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