Election of new global vice-president of Australia

At the invitation of the President of the Continental Council of the Lebanese Cultural University of the World in Australia and New Zealand, lawyer Serdor Asmar met at the annual General Assembly in Victoria on Sunday, ۱۲/۱ 2/2010, to elect a new council, attended by Sydney, the vice president of the World University. Mr. Michel Douaihy, former world President Mr. Joe Bakmy, former president of the Continental Council Sheikh Jo Petition and former President of the Continental Council Professor Jozaf Khoury, also attended by the Rector and Chairman of the Committee on Culture and Heritage of the World Council Mr. Antoine Ghanem and from Melbourne president Continental lawyer Serdor Asmar, Secretary-General Dr. George Asaad, president of the University Mr. Seid Hatem, former President of the Continental Council Mr. Antoine Yacoub, former Secretary-General Mr. David Asmar, ex-Secretary-General Mr. Abdou Bjani, heads of branches and representatives of Messrs. Yusuf Saba, Habib Khoury, Ziad al-Osta, Raymond Jacob, George Sheikh, Imad Attieh, Milad Halabi, Anthony Exclusive, Sassin El Nabot and Ms. Sandra Bagjani.

The conference opened with a minute of silence for the martyrs of Lebanon, then the rector of Victoria, Mr. Hatem, welcomed the attendees and wished them success.

The president of the mainland, the brown lawyer, also welcomed the attendance and thanked their participation in the Conference and presented his annual report and gave thanks and appreciation to Messrs: With my eyes, Ghanem, Jacob, Hatem, Asaad and Attia.

After discussing the topics relevant to the University March in Australia and New Zealand, the world President of the League, Mr. Eid al-Shdrawi, sent his message through Vice President Mr. Duihy, because Australia has an active influence on the work of the university on what the believers and their role desire and what they yearn for. The Lebanese International Foundation, which is the sanctuary for the students of the glory of Lebanon, and sent through the vice president of the world warm greetings to every Lebanese in Australia and New Zealand, particularly the members of the Continental Council and the heads of St
ate and branches of all the countries. Before the election of a new council, the unanimous meeting of the World Vice President, Mr. Douihy, to run the session, asked the President of the University in Victoria, Mr. Hatem, to explain the state's proposal on the election. The proposal was to withdraw all nominations and consisted of a committee of all the former Presidents : Michel Douaihy-Jo with my eyes-wide atmosphere-Antoine Yacoub-Jozaf Khoury-Serdor Asmar.

This Committee is concerned with the Constitution, the branches and the work of raising the name of the university.

After discussion of the proposal, all nominations were withdrawn and the Commission was tasked with managing the work.

This gesture, which has increased us and increases our faith and impulse to work towards the goals of the university.

Members of the Committee instructed Mr. Michel Douaihy to preside over her work with Secretary Mr. Antoine Yacoub and advisor Sheikh Jo Agida.

After the conclusion of the meeting, attendees moved to a luncheon at the legend restaurant, where the food included wishes, which all called for future promises filled with good hopes.

Believing in the university in the sweat of this council, saying as Lebanon is like this our university, do not go away.

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