Dr. Nicolas Kahwagi at Notre Dame University lectured on "Lebanese migration through history and the role of the Lebanese cultural University in spreading

At the invitation of Dr Clovis Karam, lecturer in religious science and sociology at the University of Notre Dame-NDU – lectured by Dr. Nicolas Nakhla Kahwagi, Deputy Secretary-General at the Lebanese Cultural University of the world, on "Lebanese migration through history and the role of the Lebanese Cultural University in of proliferation ".

Dr. Nicolas said, "The ancient history has determined the first spread and the first milestone of the hadeeth and modern history, the modern migration was later determined by the incidents of 1860 to the day…

He reviewed these stages and the hardships experienced by the first migrants, with some 35 people drowning in the Titanic steamer to the tragedy of the ominous Contono plane and the attack on Allbenanibine in Africa.

He explained the reasons for the migration, "denying that the best solution for the problems of the Lebanese is revealing that it is a double-edged sword of immigrants from Agatny and helped his family and relatives and some of them who lacked the home of his parents and grandparents at the lowest prices enough for his needs in exile…

He explained the role of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world in preserving heritage, through a permanent, lively and interactive role with immigrant communities in all countries of the world and praised the cooperation between the British Columbia Council at the University and the Gibran National Committee for Coordination and Assistance in cultural celebration and building The memorial of Gibran on the 125th anniversary of his birth at Simon Frasier University in Vancouver – Canada.

He also explained the intention of the university to assist the Lebanese Immigration Research Center at Notre Dame University in order to support the construction of a complete archive on Lebanese immigration initiated by the University of Notre Dame in the recent past and asked the attending students to play their personal and family role among the local clubs to communicate with Lebanese clubs abroad to keep the relations of kinship with immigrant families and urge them not to forget the country and invited the municipalities to a permanent census of their immigrant children and to communicate with them and expressed disappointment with the Lebanese political deputies who once again failed Lebanese proliferation and did not give him the right to vote.

Then there were questions and answers Dr. Kahcoffee met the officials of Notre Dame University and discussed how to connect the university to the University of Canada to exchange experiences.

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