Gala dinner honoring the world President of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Lebanese cultural University of the world – Brazil and the Federation of Lebanese and Brazilian clubs and institutions held a gala dinner in honor of the world President of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world, the festival of Chdrawi at the club Monte Lipano-Sao Paulo on Tuesday evening on 16 November 2010, and was In Asoff, a large crowd of the Lebanese community, where they shake an individual and the number of attendees to more than 700 people, considered the largest party held in the history of the university.

The ceremony was attended by the representative of the governor of Sao Paulo Geraldo the ambush deputy Silvio Torres, chargé d'affaires of the Lebanese embassy in Brazil consul Jimmy Duihy, Archbishop of the Maronite bishops in Brazil Bishop Edgar Madi, Archbishop of Orthodox in Brazil Bishop Dameskinus Mansour and archbishop The royal Roman Catholics of Brazil Bishop Faris Ma'roun, representative of Cardinal Odillo Cherar, Bishop Claudio Kanaan, president of the gathering of Brazilian parliamentarians of Lebanese Origin Ricardo Egzar Jr., deputies Gabriel Chalita, Pedro Toutoya, Saeed Murad, Gilberto Alques and Adamir Severe, a number of Ministers of the State of São Paulo, mayors and members of the municipal council, president of the club Monte Lipano Marcos Zarzour, former world president of the university Elie Governor, president of the Federation of Lebanese clubs and institutions of Brazil Habib Tamer Marei, head of the Lebanon office of the University Tony Saints, heads of State Union and heads of Lebanese-Brazilian clubs, associations and institutions, Vice-president of the university Michel Seriani, president of the World Commission for Women of Lebanese descent Marie Jan Khatar Samaha, Secretary-General of Brazil George Khoury, director of the Board of Trustees of the university Tony Severe, Antonio Shaheen, Edgar Khatar Samaha, Michel Zahr, George Huriz and a number of top Lebanese and Brazilian businessmen.

In a privileged reception of official music and amid sharp applause, the world President of the university entered the festival's main hall of ceremonies at the Monte Lipano Club, accompanied by consul Jimmy Douhy, president of the club Marcus Starling, former World president Eli Governor and political figures.

After the Lebanese and Brazilian anthems, Starling opened the ceremony with the welcoming speech of the world President of the university, Eid al-Shdrawi and in attendance, confirming that the doors of the club are always open to the Lebanese cultural University in the world and the Union of Lebanese and Brazilian clubs and institutions.

The former world president of the University, Eli Governor, then delivered a speech to greet the expatriates in general and the Islamic community especially on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, thanking everyone for their presence,
saying: "Thank you for being with us today, at the invitation of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world in Brazil From the Federation of Lebanese-Brazilian clubs and institutions in honor of the world President of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world, Eid al-Shdrawi and his wife, Mrs Haifa
. I thank in particular the name of all of you, the state governor of São Paulo Geraldo the ambush represented by MP Silvio Torres present between us today, which demonstrates the love of the governor and his respect for the Lebanese community that she loves a
nd appreciates so much. I don't want to talk too long, but I can only thank the members of the university and the friends who worked to make this tribute to the world President of the league, and especially to the World Vice President Michel Seriani, President of the World Commission for Women of Lebanese origin Mary Jean Chidiac Samaha, Secretary-General The Continental of Brazil George Khoury, members of the Board of Trustees of the university Tony Severe, Antonio Shahin, Edgar Khatar Samaha, Michel Zahr and George Huriz, head of Lebanon office at the university Tony Saints, members and friends Abdullah Addo, Elie Awwad, Joseph Bsaibes, Dr. Sarkis al-Badeh, George Abboud, Maroun Saints This party is Professor George Karam. "

Speaking to President Eid al-Shdrawi, he said: "We are delighted tod
ay to be among us, and the alienation has long known you as a brilliant man in the ranks of the university working hard and sincerely to gather the ranks and interests of expatriates. I came to Braz
il in the year 2007 as a representative of the African continent to be elected president of the league, and today we are honoured by a humble and jealous president on the interests of expatriates. Your love for the love of Lebanon and this Lebanon, which is scattered all over the world, stands by you and supports you in this noble journey that you are faithfully and resolutely lea
ding. With the presence of these elite Lebanese expatriates today, we support your aggressive policy by calling for Lebanese citizenship to be given to people of Lebanese descent and working to give expatriates the right to vote in their places of existence and to establish a mechanism for exercising this right. In order to spre
ad Lebanese culture and heritage throughout the world through the establishment of clubs, institutions, exhibitions, gardens and cultural, social and heritage centres, as does the Lebanese community in Brazil, where there are all

Brazilian cities are clubs, institutions, cultural and social centers, squares, gardens and streets bearing the name of L
ebanon. We stand with you to support Lebanon with all our capabilities in all fields and we ask the Lebanese State to work to fill vacant positions in the public administrations, especially in vacant diplomatic missions. W
e also call on the Lebanese State to ensure that the country enjoys peace, security, stability and prosperity, and that is what we all aspire to to keep Lebanon in the message. "

He concluded: "Gentlemen, Lebanese expatriates, originality, affiliation and identity they
are Lebanese citizens who left Lebanon, so the earth was smaller than their goals so they walked on the blessings of God, extracting the right to live in exile where they succeeded in commerce and industry, in money, politics, legislation and science, they were good Ambassadors to Lebanon, they preached to the nations of the earth, so it is true that every nation has one homeland where the Lebanese is a man and two. I echo this statement of the poet Yousef Gold:
For every people on the face of the rich a homeland that lives in it and takes care of us between the rice fever and our displacement on Earth t
o two of them welcome, you lived and lived the Lebanese cultural University in the world and lived the Union of Lebanese-Brazilian clubs and institutions, lived Brazil and long live Lebanon. "

"The Union is always working for the benefit of the Lebanese expatriates in Brazil, so that it is finalizing a mechanism for registering people of Lebanese descent in cooperation with the Lebanese embassy and consulates in Brazil," said the president of the Union, Habib Tamer Merhi.

"Brazilian parliamentarians of Lebanese origin always unshielded to defend Lebanon's issues," the President of the Group of Brazilian parliamentarians of Lebanese Origin Ricardo Egzar Jr. said in a speech.

In his turn, Consul Jimmy Douaihy welcomed President Al-Shdrawi during a speech, wishing everyone "to work under the guidance of His Excellency President Michel Sleiman to unite the Lebanese cultural University in the world, and urged attendees to communicate with the Lebanese Embassy" and work to be a hand One to serve Lebanon and Lebanese alienation ".

"I am honoured to meet you here on th
e land of Brazil, this kind of generous land, which is currently inhabited by more than 9000.000 expatriates of Lebanese origin, who have migrated to it successively" since the mid-19th century, fleeing the injustice of foreign colonization of our country and seeking "behind A decent living; Lebanon lost about one-third of its population on its way to the Americas: Northern and Southern, and the Brazilian government hugged the largest part of the immigrants, "because of the good treatment of them by the authorities of Brazil, and they are in huge numbers for their livelihood, so they have become indisputably the reservoir of proliferation The first for Lebanese expatriates in the world. The Lebanese are the best centers in the universities, the official departments, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the ministers, including "General directors, Naber Physicians, brilliant engineers, judges, military commanders, writers, poets and artists; they were the finest people who were dissolved in the land Brazil to lead role models in various fields; as I know them, they owe the ultimate allegiance to the country that hosted them and carried his nationality, Brazil, and then they never did "with longing and nostalgia for their hometown of beloved Lebanon, where parents, blood ties, and boyhood were not confined Days "in providing the best and most successful ways". H
e added: "We at the Lebanese Cultural University have been to us, since we were honoured to receive these tasks, to work tirelessly to raise Lebanon's name high," and to keep us in mind, to strengthen the links between Lebanese proliferation wherever it occurs in the world and between the motherland of Lebanon. This distinctive role, which was placed on the presidency of the Lebanese Cultural University in the world, is inevitably confined to "full reconciliation, between the wings of Lebanon: The resident and expatriate, and the overcoming of the common concerns between Lebanese proliferation, which represents the economic and moral potential of the countries of proliferation, and it melts longing" and Yen to the bosom of the motherland, where the roots of the fathers and grandparents on the one hand, and the economic recession in which the country is mired, due to the brain drain and the productive energies of the young people, which Lebanon is continually issuing, "he said.

"The future economic challenges for Lebanon and the region, as well as other key factors that keep pace with the globalization system, are, of course, the focus of Lebanese proliferation, wherever it may be, because it possesses" enormous energy: materially ", morally" and politically ", among them the most prestigious centres and levels of the day. This proliferation, with its significant human and financial capacity, makes it imperative for the Lebanese State's stakeholders to take seriously its situation in order to attract investment in the country and to overcome its concerns by shedding light on its most important affairs and its anxieties, namely, granting citizenship to its beneficiaries, and what is not followed by reciprocal rights and duties. This nationality, if given to its beneficiaries, from the spread of Lebanese origin, is without any doubt the cornerstone of strengthening the confidence of the Lebanese diaspora in the homeland and its institutions, and pushing forward the investment towards the imam. "

He said: The first concerns of Lebanese proliferation, what the Lebanese expatriates want from the Lebanese State, and their wishes were conveyed in all sincerity and honesty, to the competent authorities, namely: the ab
solute rejection of settlement and the application of the provisions of the Lebanese Constitution in its
entirety. -to support the positions of the Lebanese State and His Excellency President Michel Sleiman in international forums, and for the long-term Lebanese deployment in the decision-making centres, "from the United Nations, which recognizes us as a global cultural institution. –
The development of the Lebanese Nationality project, for all those who deserve it, because it is a sacred
right. -Insist on the participation of Lebanese proliferation in the elections of 2013 after the establishment of a modern mechanism, to facilitate the right to vote of the Lebanese deployed, in the countries of expatriation where they live, through embassies and consulates or via the internet like "other foreign communities, which are scattered in the world where their governments give them t
his The right. -To facilitate registration transactions and personal status violations between Lebanon and the countries of deploy
ment, without any hindrance; -The establishment of a modern and sophisticated mechanism to invest in Lebanon, clear and stable conditions that do not accept doubt or enlightenment, or circumvent its content, which alone guarantee the rights of investors, increase their confidence in their capital, and be the biggest incentive to increase investment in all sectors and fields, which gives hope feel Employment opportunities for Lebanese youth to reduce the bleeding of Lebanese immigration outsid
e the country's borders. We hope that Lebanon, built by the ancestors, will remain one of the "united" in its resident and expatriate wings for our firm belief that the diaspora, which is the most abundant, has always been "a prop" for the resident coordinator, in whatever he plans and works, in order to remain an extension of the voic
e of Lebanon throughout the globe. Finally, we thank the Federation of Lebanese and Brazilian clubs and institutions, the Lebanese cultural University in Brazil and the World Commission for Women of Lebanese descent, headed by Ms. Marie-Jean Chidiac Samaha, and also thank "all those who contributed to the success of this wonderful celebration. You lived and lived Lebanon as an independent "free".

The representative of the state Governor of São Paulo, Silvio Torres, delivered a speech in which he stressed "respect and appreciation of the Governor of the Lebanese community, stand by them and work with all that he can to help them maintain and defend the rights of Lebanon he loves so much and wishes to visit him again as soon as possible."

During the ceremony, Al Shdrawi, on behalf of the University in Brazil, honored the Deputy Silvio Torres, consul Jimmy Douhy, heads of sects, federal deputies, state deputies, President Habib Tamer Merhi, president of the club Marcus Zarzour and presidents of the Clubs Federation and gave them gold medals as a token of appreciation and respect.

In conclusion, the President of the World Commission for Women of Lebanese descent, Mary Jean Khatar Samaha, announced the establishment of the Women's Council of the Federation and, on behalf of the Council, presented a bouquet of roses to the university's World president, Haifa al-Shdrawi, as a token of appreciation and love.

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