WLCU letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon concerning the Syrian refugees.

WLCU letter to UN  Secretary General Ban Ki Moon concerning the Syrian refugees.(March 2016)

Dears Ms. Felicio,                                                                                                  Ms. Fadlu-Deen and Ms. Sawai 

The WLCU would like to express its gratitude, sincere appreciation for arranging this meeting on a very short notice and for taking the time to meet with us yesterday.

We hope that our message was well delivered and we can’t stress enough the importance of replacing key words of the decision that took place last December by the General Conference Donor Countries of “Voluntary Return” of the Syrian Refugees to “Secured Return”.

The four million Lebanese in Lebanon and the over seventeen million in the Diaspora are extremely concerned of the above decision and the impact of the Syrian Refugees influx on Lebanon. According to UNHCR, there are well over 1.8 Million Syrian refugees in Lebanon in addition to 1.0 million Palestinian, Kurdish and Iraqi refugees. This ratio of refugees represents more than 70% of the Lebanese population and this percentage is considered to be catastrophic compared to the 1% taken by the other countries of the world who welcomed refugees.

It is very important for us to highlight for the Secretary General H.E Ban Ki-Moon that the UN’s priority should be shifted to focus on Lebanon and the impact on the Lebanese FIRST while taking into serious consideration the SAFE RETURN of these refugees to their countries. For the past 5 years, the Lebanese people have demonstrated sympathy and support for all refugees and now it is the time to save Lebanon and push for the secured return of these refugees to their homes. Syria is in a much better situation than before and these refugees can go back to their homes or live in a “Safe Zone “ in Syria. Leaving 3.0 Million refugees in Lebanon will create a new catastrophic war where “Nusra” and “ISIS” can use these refugees as a tool and weapon for their regional agenda..  

All the Lebanese in both Lebanon and in the Diaspora will actively and vigilantly defend Lebanon from any decisions that might harm the balanced demography of Lebanon or allow the refugees to permanently stay in Lebanon, as their presence will ultimately destroy Lebanon. This is a commitment that all the Lebanese have taken upon themselves and will fiercely back this life-or-death pledge until all refugees leave Lebanon.

Please keep us informed of any future UN meetings related to the Syrian refugees and also, put us in touch with the head of UNHCR committee in Lebanon so that we can work closely with them.

Feel free to use me as a single point of contact for WLCU for this request and to answer any questions.

Thanks and we look forward to receiving a confirmation from the SG office of the receipt of this email and the letter that was delivered to you on Monday March 14, 2016 at 2:30 PM.

WLCU letter to UN  Secretary General Ban Ki Moon concerning the Syrian refugees.(March 2016)

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