Membership drive: A Chapter’s needed action in 2011, a call from WSG Dr Nick Kahwaji

Membership drive: A  Chapter’s needed action in 2011, a call from WSG Dr Nick Kahwaji

Membership drive:

                         A  Chapter’s needed   action in 2011


   Membership   is   the   lifeblood   of   the   WLCU. Retaining and attracting members can be a very challenging   task, therefore it is imperative that all Chapters start planning a membership drive ASAP.


            A  membership drive  provides opportunities  for  the  WLCU  local leaders to  interact with their local community, revive  the chapter ,and raise money via  newly  paid  membership dues .

          Planning a membership drive can be time-consuming and difficult, but with dedication   and cooperation   of   all   members and resources, it is possible to hold a successful membership drive.

          It   is important for each prospective new member to be excited about joining the organization and to have a specific role to contribute to its functioning. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain why a prospective member should   join, also if the message is weak it could turn a number of prospective members off from our organization.

A simple examples  of what you can do:

       To start,. Use the Internet, and   your existing relationships, and promote what you have to offer:

Facebook : set up a fan page for your Chapter on Facebook. Publish your information and planned events…


Twitter : is another great resource for marketing. “Tweeting” about your organization and its efforts to attract members will be seen by thousands, and you can build a group of followers who can then become future members.

Word of Mouth :  is  the best method of advertising and recruitment.

 – Have members of your group each try to recruit new members from family or friends.

 -Set up a dinner or other social event where members can bring these newcomers to    see what the organization is all about.

There are many ways to help make your membership drives successful.

Promote Your Purpose

  • An often overlooked way to recruit new members is to promote what the WLCU stands for.  Many organizations think their message is obvious, but an outsider looking in may have no idea why the  chapter exists. Promote the WLCU purpose and message in appropriate venues.

Give People a Reason to Join

  •   A Chapter   that offers nothing to its members will likely see its roster shrink instead of grow. Every Chapter   needs to offer an incentive for joining, especially since the chapter   charges   fees   and    asks   members   to donate their time. Promote and advertise what the chapter offers its   members, because    people   seeking   those services will be more likely to join.

                  ……….Finally ,the  local President   should  educate  their  staff  on  everything  related  to the WLCU       (such as the purpose and future of the chapter   and the actual practice of conducting the membership drive). Your goal here is to ensure that each of the staff members can answer a slew of organization-related questions and be confident in the process of recruiting new members.

                  We wish you good luck and we will be asking in the near future for a updated membership list of every chapter.


Dr Nick kahwaji

3 January 2011

Membership drive: A  Chapter’s needed action in 2011, a call from WSG Dr Nick Kahwaji

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