Lebanese Canadian EVA NASSIF, a new member of the Canadian parliament


eva nassif

Eva Nassif, a native of Lebanon,( from An Eldelb, South lebanon) has been living in Laval with her husband and triplets for over 20 years. Known for her passion and her dedication, she is actively involved in many charitable organizations in her community. Eva is also a member of the Laval Women’s Centre and of theFemmes, Politique et Démocratie group. From 2009 to 2015, she served on the board of directors of Diapason-Jeunesse, a non-profit organization committed to discouraging students from dropping out of school. In addition, she has been a member of Laval’s paratransit association (theAssociation lavalloise du transport adapté) and of Laval’s board of trade and industry. She was also an Advisor and Co-Chair of the Concordia University Graduate Students Association in Translation.

As a nursing sciences graduate in Lebanon, Eva practised in her native country for eight years. After coming to Canada, she earned a B.A. with a specialty in translation and a master’s degree in translation studies, having written a one-of-a-kind unique master’s thesis. Eva, a tireless worker, is a certified translator and terminologist. She has also worked as a teacher for the Laval School Board.

Eva has a keen interest in politics and has been active at the grassroots level for many years. Her fervent hope is to devote her passion to defending the interests of all citizens of the Vimy riding on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

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