Cadmus  was the symbol of the Lebanese emigration in the old history of Lebanon (Phoenicia prima).

He is the son of Agenor , king of Tyros ( Sour-South Lebanon)

When the princess Europa disappeared from the coasts of Phoenicia on the back of a bull her father Agenor, , sent his sons( Cadmous , Cilix , Thasus and phoenix) in search of her, telling them not to return until they had found their sister.

(Picture of Europe by Chocolate painter Sid Chidiac( WLCU representative to UN

Cadmus, in search of his abducted sister Europa, settled in Boeotia, founding in this new land the city of Cadmea, later called Thebes. Cadmus is credited for having combined consonants with vowels, thus teaching the secrets of correct speech. These events took place approximately 00 years before the Trojan War.

Cilix, gave up the search for Europa , became king in Cilicia, which is the southeasternmost coastal region of Asia Minor…

Thasus, who also gave up the search and settled in an large island off Thrace, in the northern section of the Aegean Sea, founding a city Thasos.

 Phoenix gave up the search for Europa , and return to the mother country, and settled in some part of Phoenicia, which was called after him…

  and so did and so did Also other relatives, brothers or perhaps cousins, went away in search of Europa. Cepheus, son of Belus or of Phoenix and father of Andromeda, the wife of Perseus settled in Ethiopia; and Phineus.

However, nothing was ever found resembling the lost princess, except for the name of the land called Europa, which is that part of the inhabited world lying north of the Peloponnesus and beyond, for she, after having being conveyed through the sea by Zeus the bull, was set down by him, quite dry, upon the shore by Mount Dicte in Crete.

The statue of Cadmus in Mexico city.