Relation with Lebanese State

Mr Philip TaklaMinister of foreign affairs and Lebanese Overseas.

From its speech :

-In Boston, Mass. USA. Continental  Convention .21 October 1962.

“ I hasten again  to say that the Lebanese Government does not have – nor does it intend to have – any authority over the World Lebanese Union; It does not supervise it, or govern it in any way.

Mr Philip Takla

…The minister of Foreign affairs and his permanent bureau will pass on all the responsibilities  to  your

Your elected officers and will thus maintain for the Lebanese Government a relationship of support, encouragement and love “.

-In Detroit ,Michigan, USA. Regional  Convention.  06 Octobre 1963.

I have always stated and declared and do hereby state and declare in my name and in the name of the Lebanese government that this UNION is not and should not be a government agency to be directed by government authorities in any form or shape .

Dr Fouad Ammoun . Minister of foreign affairs and Lebanese Overseas.

From its speech in 1964, at the Second convention in Beirut.

Fellow – Lebanese:

Our Government has strived to prepare for the transfer of the UNION to your hands. It is now for you alone to decide upon its constitution, approving or rejecting any of its provisions. You are also called upon to elect its officers.

So the Union is your Union; it has become your responsibility. We are confident that you who have planted the tree are more competent to attend its growth. It shall stand forever under your care, like our eternal cedars, while time itself passes away.