World Secretary General

The World Secretary General has the authority to implement the plans and to execute the decisions of the World President, and is further responsible under his/her delegated responsibilities, for all matters within the jurisdiction of the President and in particular the following:

  • To ensure realization of the objectives of WLCU as defined in the Basic Constitutional Bylaws.
  • To ensure execution of the decisions agreed upon by the World Conference and the World Council
  • To address a call to the World Conference to convene in a General Assembly
  • To address a call to the World Councilto convene
  • To accept affiliations to WLCU and issue membership cards.
  • To authorize and supervise the establishment of branches and to authorize the establishment of more than one branch in any one city
  • To coordinate the work of the committees of Geographical Regions and of the National and Provincial Councils and of branches and organizations
  • To render judgment in differences between members and organizations of WLCU such as by way of example, between National and Provincial Councils and those of lower levels.
  •  To supervise the elections of the Committee of the geographical region.
  • To appoint special committees for executing certain objectives of WLCU
  • To appoint administrative, technical and counseling officials
  • To sign correspondence and powers of attorney
  • To administer the funds of WLCU and sign financial transactions with the World Treasurer, and to assign a legal auditor, as appointed by the President, for auditing the books and certifying the budget and submitting an annual financial report to the World Conference.
  • To attend meetings of the World Conference and of the World Council, and to record the minutes of the meetings, personally or through a delegate, and to co-sign said minutes with the President.
  • To attend, whether personally or through a delegate the meetings of committees of Geographical Regions and the elections of Boards of such committees
  • To serve, whenever necessary, the decisions of the World Conference, of the World Council and of other affiliate organizations.
  • To delegates to each Assistant Secretary General, certain specialized functions, by as decreed holding him/her accountable to the World Secretary General for their actions, such as the coordination with the president of each committee of a geographical region, and with the Presidents of the National and Provincial Councils in the execution of all matters delegated to him.