World President

The World President elected by secret ballot during the World Conference by the representatives of the member organizations, whereas each representative is allowed one vote in accordance with article 7 of this basic constitution. The term of the World President is two years non extendable and non renewable until 2 years has elapsed from the term being served. Five months term flexibility is allowed before or after the two-year term of the President to call for a World Conference . 

The World President is not permitted to be re-elected for this seat two consecutive terms.

  • Has the executive authority within WLCU
  • Represents WLCU officially in Lebanon, in the host countries of the Lebanese Diaspora, and at international official and private organizations.
  • Chairs the meetings during his term, , signs the correspondence, and represents WLCU.
  • He/she organizes, directs and administers the general affairs of WLCU and oversees the undertaking of the decisions taken by the World Conference and by the World Council in particular.

Through its (WP), the WLCU :

  • may conclude a cooperation agreement with the Republic of Lebanon that is represented by the relevant ministries for coordinating the common work in the fields of emigrant affairs.
  • may conclude, within the scope of its aims and objectives and in accordance with its regulations, educational, technical, social, economical or sports agreements with any national or world organization or with any international institution. 
  • Is authorized to conclude agreements with any group or union of emigrant clubs not affiliated to WLCU but fulfilling all conditions for affiliation.
  • Is authorized to cooperate with any similar organization in any country for the mutual interest and for the benefit of Lebanese citizens in Lebanon and in the Diaspora.
  • Is authorized to sign contracts.

The President is held responsible by the World Conference for any violations he/she commits against the law and against the regulations of WLCU. The World Conference has the right to dismiss the President before expiry of his/her term by an irrevocable ratified decision to this effect in an extraordinary general meeting.