World Congress

World Conferences/Congresses are the life of the WLCU.  It has two fold aim: to record the studies and reports submitted by the various delegates , and to stress the necessity of implementing the previously adopted decisions and recommendations.

The World Conference is the highest authority of WLCU. It enacts and amends its regulations and has authority over all of its affiliated organizations in view of meeting its objectives.

The World Conference consists of the World President and Vice Presidents,of the presidents of WLCU accredited branches, clubs, societies, confederations, institutions and unions; of the presidents of National and State Councils; of the Chairpersons of the Geographical Region, of the chairperson of the World Council for Youth and the chairperson of the World Committee for Ladies of Lebanese Descent; The chairperson of the Commission of International Relations, The chairperson of the Communications Committee, The chairperson of the Social Affairs Committee, The chairperson of the Cultural and Heritage Affairs Committee, The chairperson of The Business and Economics Committee, of members of Geographical Regions committees, the World Treasurer and the World Secretary General.

The World Conference shall, under normal circumstances, convene in an ordinary general assembly in Lebanon or elsewhere. Five months term flexibility is allowed before or after a two-year term of the President to call for a World Conference. The president through the World Secretariat General shall announce the meeting.

World Congresses

  • 18th  Argentina   –  2014
  • 17th- Mexico City – 2012
  • 16th – Mexico City – 2009
  • 15th – Sao Paolo – 2007
  • 14th – Sydiney – 2005
  • 13th – Miami – 2003
  • 12th – Mexico City – 2001
  • 11th– Los Angeles – 1997
  • 10th- Sao Paolo – 1994
  • 9th– Mexico – 1992
  • 8th– Sao Paolo – 1985
  • 7th– Montreal  -1981
  • 6th– unknown
  • 5th – Beirut – 1973
  • 4th – Beirut – 1971
  • 3rd – Beit Mery – 1968
  • 2nd – Beirut – 1964
  • 1st – Beirut – 1960